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Excerpt from my new book: 
When A Monster Moves Into Your Washing Machine  



Helpful Reading Strategies


If you had trouble with any of the answers above, reread the story. Look for clues in the illustrations. Those visual clues are important.


*There are four different types of questions:

"Right There"

Questions found right in the text that ask students to find the one right answer located in one place as a word or a sentence in the passage.

"Think and Search"

Questions based on the recall of facts that can be found directly in the text. Answers are typically found in more than one place, thus requiring students to "think" and "search" through the passage to find the answer.

"Author and You"

Questions require students to use what they already know, with what they have learned from reading the text. Student's must understand the text and relate it to their prior knowledge before answering the question.

"On Your Own"

Questions are answered based on a students prior knowledge and experiences. Reading the text may not be helpful to them when answering this type of question.

Let's see how much you remember. How many of these questions from the story can you answer?

​How many questions can you remember from the 2nd story?

​     ​​​​​​​​​    Crocodile Bath


When a Monster         

Moves into Your  

Washing Machine


 1. What kind of bath did the boy take?

 2. What surprise did he find in his bath?

 3. What was the crocodile wearing?

 4. What decorations was on the item the crocodile was wearing?

​ 5. What did the crocodile squirt all over the bathroom?

 6. What did the crocodile do that made strange bubbles appear?

 7. The crocodile took something with him when he left....What was it?

 8. Why was the boy's mother upset with him?

 9. What punishment did the boy receive?

10. What do you think really happened to cause that bathroom to be such a mess?


Randy was born and raised in Ohio and later attended a liberal Arts college in Florida. His focus was on business and his career has followed suit working with many sports related companies. He is still working his day job but in his spare time he pursues his passion in writing.  He is currently working on more rhyming verse adventures.  
When a Monster Moves into Your Washing Machine and Crocodile Bath are by no means Randy's first stories...but they are b
oth in his first published book.  He began by creating impromptu but entertaining stories for his own children many years ago.  Writing many of his stories down, he has referred back to them over the years to entertain family, friends, and now his own grand nuggets.  Randy's work caught the attention of a talented illustrator and his publisher. The resulting collaboration gave him the opportunity to bring his unique storytelling style to life for others to appreciate.  We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn he weaves next! 

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Those long, slimy arms showed incredible reach,

As it ate mom's detergent and drank all her bleach.

And what did we get

for all of those troubles?

A monster that burped and 

belched out soap bubbles.​​​​

   1. Was it day or night when the monster arrived?

 2. What was the weather like when the monster arrived?

 3. What color is for hot water on a washing machine?

 4. Name the 4 foods the mom feeds the baby brother?

 5. What time is it when Mom feeds the baby?

 6. What is the name of the laundry detergent used in the story?

 7. What color is for cold water on a washing machine?

 8. Why did the monster finally leave?

 9. Who's idea finally got rid of the monster?

10. What color did the monster change to at the end of the story?

11. Do you think he will be back?

12. Do you want him to return? If so, contact the author and tell him.